Governments ended prohibition long ago by making alcohol legal.  In doing so they came to an honest realization, that by far the majority of society chooses not to be alcoholics and to instead drink responsibly.  Those who want to drink excessively have always found a way to do so.

Similarly those who want to use drugs, get drunk or engage in prostitution will always find a way to do so, thus creating the problems that come with breaking the law.  The illegal drug trade is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, often in the most horrible ways such as decapitations, skinning alive, burning and acid deaths at the hands of drug gangs.  A good person in Mexico who becomes a politician Friday and finds their entire family dead by Monday.  Law enforcement has been on the front lines of protecting our society while bearing the brunt of the violence.  The drug trade is also responsible for making drug lords multi billionaires.

Thus we feel there needs to be an honest discussion regarding the legalizing of all drugs.  The legalization of all drugs would instantly put an end to the ultra rich billionaire drug lords and gangs, and end the brutal killings of police and border officers, politicians and millions of innocent people.

A discussion would consider that a way to control drugs is to offer them for free, and then have a proper education system teaching people the honest consequences to life and family from using drugs.  Using the tax revenues from legalized drugs would allow for the re-education of criminals, giving them a chance at learning trades, creating public awareness campaigns so that people have the choice.