Democracy is on the verge of collapse because multiculturalism is being force fed on Democratic Countries. The biggest lie being fed to us is ‘There is Strength in Diversity,’ when in fact the opposite is true.  There is ‘No Strength in Diversity, there is only Strength in Unity.’  So while the Democratic Countries grow weaker and are on the verge of a new Holocaust, countries like China and Russia are growing stronger because they have no forced multiculturalism. This in turn actually threatens the strength and existence of the United Nations which would not exist in a country such as China or Russia or the Middle East.

No one will state the simple truth that ‘The Democratic Countries were created by white Christian People, yet now white Christian People are being called Racists for being Nationalistic and wanting to protect their Countries and Cultures.’

Salma Siddiqui a Muslim Pakistani immigrant and head of the Canadian Muslim Congress said ‘My parents came to Canada in the 1950’s.  We had to be the best of the best and give something to Canada.  But after Pierre Trudeau came, Canada lowered it’s immigration standards so that immigrants now come to Canada to use it for health and education while their loyalties are to their own countries.  In the process they are turning Canada into Segregated Ghettos.”

The reason immigration changed during the 1970’s was because Pierre Trudeau was very fond of Fidel Castro.  So he had the idea that flooding Canada with non-white/non Christian would get rid of the opposing political parties because non-white/non-liberal people generally vote Liberal or Left.  Once the voter scale reached 51% non-white/non-Christian, there would be no opposition and Canada would become a liberal socialistic country just like Cuba.

What he did not consider was the history of cities like Beirut or countries like Germany or Yugoslavia.  Beirut used to be a beautiful city and the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ with a Christian government.  But an influx of Muslim Immigrants tipped the voter scale allowing the Muslims to take over and start killing the Christian Population.

We believe there needs to be a balance between diversity, unity,  multiculturalism and national identity.  We believe all races are equal, but we do not believe all cultures are morally equal.  Thus we do not believe in force fed multiculturalism, but instead believe in the protection of all racial identities while ensuring their cultures have moral culpability.  This can only be achieved by a balanced Democracy.

Thus we believe African countries should remain primarily African, Spanish countries should remain primarily Spanish, Indian countries should remain primarily Indian, Asian Countries should remain primarily Asian, Arab Countries should remain primarily Arab, and white countries should remain primarily white, but they should all have equal moral culpability towards their citizens and the rest of the world.

The biggest mistake the Democratic Countries made was to import the problems of other nations, instead of going in and helping those nations fix their problems and preserve their individual national identities.

As a mother from Canada said “Who will fight and die for Canada if it is all Sikhs and Chinese and Muslims who come here to practice their own traditions and refuse to speak the language.  Everyone wants to move into Democratic Countries created by white Christian people, all while calling white Christian people Racists and Nazi’s.  Chinese, East Indians, Muslims, Mexicans, Africans all demand to come into our countries and practice their beliefs and speak their languages while calling us Racists and Nazi’s for opposing it.  Yet there is no multiculturalism in their countries as they retain their national identities.  Once they take over, they will Destroy our Democracy and kill us and our children for being white as Canada is torn apart in a new Yugoslavia.”