A Canadian woman asked; “Who will fight for Canada if it is all Chinese and East Indians?  What will prevent China from coming into Canada and trying to take over, or what will prevent the Sikh’s from pushing for an independent state like they are doing in India, where they assassinated the Indian Hindu President, resulting in a civil war which spilled over into Canada when Canadian Sikhs put a bomb on an airliner leaving Canada, killing 329 Hindus?  Canada was built by white Christian English/French and First Nations people,  the same people who fought and died for Canada in WW1 and WW2 for our freedom.  Everyone complains about the Japanese Internment Camps of WW2, but the fact is it was the Japanese who attacked and we had to do the smart thing and protect Canada.  What will happen if we end up at war with China or India or Arab Countries?  It seems obvious that globalist have pushed multiculturalism on us to weaken our identity so we have no one left to defend us and thus are easily controlled by the United Nations.”

Her statements merit honest contemplation.  Starting with Pierre Trudeau,  the Liberal Government has deliberately put the security of Canadians at risk by accepting anyone and everyone into Canada so that now immigrants come into use Canada for it’s healthcare and education, while their loyalties remain to their own countries.  On top of that many present a real security risk to Canada including the numerous terrorists Canada has invited back into our borders after they have killed Canadian soldiers and innocent people abroad.

We believe the Defence of Canada should be first and foremost above multiculturalism and immigration.  We believe our National Forces should retain the primary identity of white Christian French/English/First Nations people that built Canada.  We believe Canada should protect it’s security both for our sake, and for the sake of our American Friends.  We also believe Canada needs to reverse and control immigration to protect our National Identity and security.  We believe we should have a shared nuclear program, and missile defence system with the United States.