A Canadian woman asked; “Who will fight for Canada if it is all Chinese and East Indians?  What will prevent China from coming into Canada and trying to take over, or what will prevent the Sikh’s from pushing for an independent state like they are doing in India, where they assassinated the Indian Hindu President, resulting in a civil war which spilled over into Canada when Canadian Sikhs put a bomb on an airliner leaving Canada, killing 329 Hindus?  Canada was built by white Christian English/French and First Nations people,  the same people who fought and died for Canada in WW1 and WW2 for our freedom.  Everyone complains about the Japanese Internment Camps of WW2, but the fact is it was the Japanese who attacked and we had to do the smart thing and protect Canada.  What will happen if we end up at war with China or India or Arab Countries?  It seems obvious that globalist have pushed multiculturalism on us to weaken our identity so we have no one left to defend us and thus are easily controlled by the United Nations.”

Her statements merit honest contemplation.  Starting with Pierre Trudeau,  the Liberal Government has deliberately put the security of Canadians at risk by accepting anyone and everyone into Canada so that now immigrants come into use Canada for it’s healthcare and education, while their loyalties remain to their own countries.  On top of that many present a real security risk to Canada including the numerous terrorists Canada has invited back into our borders after they have killed Canadian soldiers and innocent people abroad.

We believe the Defence of Canada should be first and foremost above multiculturalism and immigration.  We believe our National Forces should retain the primary identity of white Christian French/English/First Nations people that built Canada.  We believe Canada should protect it’s security both for our sake, and for the sake of our American Friends.  We also believe Canada needs to reverse and control immigration to protect our National Identity and security.  We believe we should have a shared nuclear program, and missile defence system with the United States.


Democracy is on the verge of collapse because multiculturalism is being force fed on Democratic Countries. The biggest lie being fed to us is ‘There is Strength in Diversity,’ when in fact the opposite is true.  There is ‘No Strength in Diversity, there is only Strength in Unity.’  So while the Democratic Countries grow weaker and are on the verge of a new Holocaust, countries like China and Russia are growing stronger because they have no forced multiculturalism. This in turn actually threatens the strength and existence of the United Nations which would not exist in a country such as China or Russia or the Middle East.

No one will state the simple truth that ‘The Democratic Countries were created by white Christian People, yet now white Christian People are being called Racists for being Nationalistic and wanting to protect their Countries and Cultures.’

Salma Siddiqui a Muslim Pakistani immigrant and head of the Canadian Muslim Congress said ‘My parents came to Canada in the 1950’s.  We had to be the best of the best and give something to Canada.  But after Pierre Trudeau came, Canada lowered it’s immigration standards so that immigrants now come to Canada to use it for health and education while their loyalties are to their own countries.  In the process they are turning Canada into Segregated Ghettos.”

The reason immigration changed during the 1970’s was because Pierre Trudeau was very fond of Fidel Castro.  So he had the idea that flooding Canada with non-white/non Christian would get rid of the opposing political parties because non-white/non-liberal people generally vote Liberal or Left.  Once the voter scale reached 51% non-white/non-Christian, there would be no opposition and Canada would become a liberal socialistic country just like Cuba.

What he did not consider was the history of cities like Beirut or countries like Germany or Yugoslavia.  Beirut used to be a beautiful city and the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ with a Christian government.  But an influx of Muslim Immigrants tipped the voter scale allowing the Muslims to take over and start killing the Christian Population.

We believe there needs to be a balance between diversity, unity,  multiculturalism and national identity.  We believe all races are equal, but we do not believe all cultures are morally equal.  Thus we do not believe in force fed multiculturalism, but instead believe in the protection of all racial identities while ensuring their cultures have moral culpability.  This can only be achieved by a balanced Democracy.

Thus we believe African countries should remain primarily African, Spanish countries should remain primarily Spanish, Indian countries should remain primarily Indian, Asian Countries should remain primarily Asian, Arab Countries should remain primarily Arab, and white countries should remain primarily white, but they should all have equal moral culpability towards their citizens and the rest of the world.

The biggest mistake the Democratic Countries made was to import the problems of other nations, instead of going in and helping those nations fix their problems and preserve their individual national identities.

As a mother from Canada said “Who will fight and die for Canada if it is all Sikhs and Chinese and Muslims who come here to practice their own traditions and refuse to speak the language.  Everyone wants to move into Democratic Countries created by white Christian people, all while calling white Christian people Racists and Nazi’s.  Chinese, East Indians, Muslims, Mexicans, Africans all demand to come into our countries and practice their beliefs and speak their languages while calling us Racists and Nazi’s for opposing it.  Yet there is no multiculturalism in their countries as they retain their national identities.  Once they take over, they will Destroy our Democracy and kill us and our children for being white as Canada is torn apart in a new Yugoslavia.”


Governments ended prohibition long ago by making alcohol legal.  In doing so they came to an honest realization, that by far the majority of society chooses not to be alcoholics and to instead drink responsibly.  Those who want to drink excessively have always found a way to do so.

Similarly those who want to use drugs, get drunk or engage in prostitution will always find a way to do so, thus creating the problems that come with breaking the law.  The illegal drug trade is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, often in the most horrible ways such as decapitations, skinning alive, burning and acid deaths at the hands of drug gangs.  A good person in Mexico who becomes a politician Friday and finds their entire family dead by Monday.  Law enforcement has been on the front lines of protecting our society while bearing the brunt of the violence.  The drug trade is also responsible for making drug lords multi billionaires.

Thus we feel there needs to be an honest discussion regarding the legalizing of all drugs.  The legalization of all drugs would instantly put an end to the ultra rich billionaire drug lords and gangs, and end the brutal killings of police and border officers, politicians and millions of innocent people.

A discussion would consider that a way to control drugs is to offer them for free, and then have a proper education system teaching people the honest consequences to life and family from using drugs.  Using the tax revenues from legalized drugs would allow for the re-education of criminals, giving them a chance at learning trades, creating public awareness campaigns so that people have the choice.


The protection of our children is paramount in society and to our beliefs.  When it comes to moral values, we believe consenting adults have the right to be Gay, Lesbian, Swingers, Polyamorous or Transgender, but we do not believe anyone has the right to force those beliefs on anyone else and especially our children.  Our children must be protected from undue influence until they reach the proper age of adulthood and consent.

If for example a young teenage boy going through puberty is influenced by Main Stream Media or Hollywood to become Transgender or even have a sex change, who will fix his life or pay for his suffering if later in his 30’s he realizes he wanted to go back to being a man, and no longer has the ability to.  Anyone with Children understands that Children need to grow up first and once they become adults, then they can decide their moral values.


Personal beliefs should never put society at risk.  Atheist, Gay, Lesbian, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Mennonites, Amish and thousands of other religions all thrive in Democratic Countries created by Christian people because Christ taught his followers to turn the other cheek and love fellowman.  Yet no one thrives in Muslim countries where they throw Gay people from the rooftops to their deaths or kill Christians, Jews, Hindus and anyone else that opposes their beliefs.  In fact religious fanaticism is sadly to blame for the destruction of so much real and good culture.

People have the right to believe, but those beliefs must never put society at risk.  Thus we believe fanatical religions should not be allowed and all religions must still be kept out of politics, government, police and military forces because it puts our National Security at risk.  How do you feel for example when you see a 13 year old Jehovah’s Witness girl lying in a hospital bed refusing a blood transfusion, while 3 Church Elders dressed in suits stand behind her?  Do you consider it her cultural religious right or is it coercive religious fanaticism?  So how is it any different when a Muslim woman demands the right to be sworn in as a Citizen covered head to toe in a sheet, while her husband dressed in normal wear stands behind her?  What normal woman would ever consider covering herself from head to toe were it not for an insecure husband and an equally insecure religion?  Yet Democratic Countries sanction such abuse under the name of multiculturalism and those who oppose it are called racist.  What will happen to Democracy when those from fanatical religions outnumber the non-religious population?  All rights including gay and lesbian rights, women and children’s rights, freedom of speech will cease to exist along with Democracy.

Consider another example.  How fair is it to the Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and so many other religions, when Sikhs demand the right to wear Turbans in the Canadian RCMP, or in the British Guard?  It is wrong and unfair to all other religious beliefs and should not be allowed.  Neither should Sikhs be allowed in politics while wearing religions headwear.  For this reason David Cameron when serving as Prime Minister of Canada said “When a white person says something wrong or racist we rightly condemn them.  But when a person who is not white says or does something equally wrong or racist,  we are too scared quite frankly to condemn them.” 

Again that is why we believe that Religious beliefs must be kept out of politics, government and the police and military forces and immigration must be kept to 80-90% white populations that built the Democratic Countries.  We believe this is the right to protect our countries and our cultures and is justified Nationalism not Racism.


We need to protect our country, while helping other countries build better lives for themselves.

While all races are created equal, all cultures are not morally equal.  Part of helping a country is to teach them better morals so that when aid is sent to them, it is not stolen by corrupt leaders and not given to the people.

We believe in a complete change to our Foreign Aid Policy.  Foreign Aid should begin with military action to ensure that any money and help we give to nations in need is used in the best way to benefit its citizens.  It should begin with teaching the people how to rule themselves with morals and values and accountability to it’s own people and all nations.

We believe Canada and all other Democratic Nations should not give Foreign Aid and should not trade with or do business with any country that does not respect Human Rights or Democracy, or supports Communism, Dictatorship or Fanatical Religious belief systems. We believe the only way for the United Nations to help create Global Democracy and a better world for all is to ‘not allow anyone to buy or sell who does not have the mark of supporting the United Nations.’


While the Democratic Countries were initially built on a form of Democratic Socialism where the government controlled things like basic commodity prices so that the Democratic Countries could grow, Democracy has now become Collusive Corporate Capitalism, where mega corporations like Wal-mart, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft control and price fix and mom and pop operations can no longer compete and cease to exist.  Collusive action by corporations is supposed to be illegal, but the mega companies grow by collusive control of communication, transportation, food, and fuel prices, while the majority of the population slip into poverty.

We believe the government needs to intervene and control prices and the size of companies so that people can have the opportunity to give their families a good life.

In the old days of Canada for example the Bank of Canada would use interest rates like a brake on the economy to control inflation.  So when prices were rising and the economy was growing too fast the Bank of Canada would raise interest rates to cool things off.  The Bank of Canada along with the Canadian Government kept the interest rates too low for too long so that basic commodities like housing and automobile prices skyrocketed.  Then with the US Housing Crash of 2006, Canada could not touch the interest rates so inflation reached record heights and at present Canadians are the most indebted of all the G7 countries.  For every $1 Canadians earn, they are $1.70 in debt.

On top of this, immigrants have been buying their way into Canada, or bringing in dirty money and laundering it while the Canadian Government deliberately turns a blind eye.  This in turn pushes housing prices far beyond the reach of most Canadians.  In Vancouver for example a Chinese Student paid $30 million for a house.  Areas of Richmond and Surrey are all East Indian or Chinese who refuse to speak English while white people are not allowed to rent business spaces in the malls.  The East Indians are using the Caste systems to bring in workers who do not speak the language and will build for lower wages to put white Canadian owners out of business and on and on the problems go.

The Economic system needs proper government regulation to bring our Country back to the healthy state it was once in, while allowing us to help other countries fix their countries so they too can make a decent standard of living…


We believe the present tax system is wrong.  Our Country was built on a form of Democratic Socialism which meant that the government regulated critical basic essentials and services so people could afford to live and save which in turn made them want to spend, which in turn created a stronger economy and pushed the country forward. When people and corporations are paying too much for basic essentials, and also paying too high of taxes, they are living in a constant state of struggle and thus do not spend and instead look for ways to not have to pay taxes so they can afford to continue to survive.

The best way to run a government is to control prices of basic essentials, while reducing government spending and also lowering taxes.  We feel serious consideration should be given to getting rid of all personal and corporate taxes and instead create one simple spending tax where everyone is taxed on what they buy instead of what they earn.  Wealthy people and Corporations buy more, poorer people buy less while less money is wasted on the government red tape associated with the endless rules and regulations surrounding personal and corporate income tax.  We feel a simple spending tax is the best way to push the economies forward and give all the chance at a decent way of life.


The way to save the planet is to intensify development in some areas while buying back and preserving critical wildlife habitat in other areas.  To stop wasting resources and to force all countries to recycle and use properly.  To put armies to work protecting endangered species.  To build our cities up not out, and instead develop a sense of garden in our cities.  To regulate what we spend and what we develop so that we have an earth left for future generations.  That will slow global warming.  That will help save our earth and all life on it.


We believe everyone has the right to equal health care.  But we also believe in allowing for the opportunity of personal choice. People should have the choice between free general healthcare and paid private healthcare.

We also believe people abuse the right to health care, so while some families remain active and thus healthier, other families choose to lead a less than healthy lifestyle which imposes more strains on health care.  Prevention is the best medicine and thus society and schools need to push for healthier eating, healthier lifestyles, while television and advertising need to focus on healthy food choices and against processed and sugar based foods and drinks.